3 questions about internal theft and employees stealing from workplaces

3 questions about internal theft and employees stealing from workplaces

Internal theft and employees stealing from workplaces

Internal theft is a troubling issue for most businesses. Whether a company is exposed to intrusion by unauthorized persons or internal theft, the matter will always give a difficult and annoying handling process.

At Miladan we would like to advise you on how you can work preventively against theft in your business, and thereby give you an insight into how internal theft affects a business on an economic-and social level.

Miladans consultant, Jesper Schultz, has answered 3 questions about internal theft and employees stealing from workplaces.

3 questions to Miladans consultant,  Jesper Schultz

1. You often hear of stories where companies have been stolen of a lot of equipment. In your opinion, how big an issue is theft of tools and IT equipment?

It is a major problem, since it has far greater and far-reaching consequences than just missing equipment.

Besides the economic aspect of purchasing new draft, wasted working hours for employees etc., It has a much greater negative impact internally on businesses. Accusations, distrust of colleagues, devastating morale and lots of man-hours in handling.

Additionally, one can also speak of a society-related problem when one tends to look askance at foreign labor, and turn one’s focus towards accusing talented and hard-working foreign employees.  That is how we adapt as humans, to remove guilt and focus. Miladan helps with visually pointing out that a company has secured itself against ALL forms of theft and stealing. Even that, which is about morals and feelings.

2. How would you advise workplaces to protect themselves against theft of tools and IT equipment?

Simply by tagging their equipment. A simple, visual marking.

There are many kinds of labeling and marking today, one is smarter than the other. For Miladan it is about marking a statement. A statement that says to employees, business partners, friends and enemies, that the company owns the marked object.

The aim is to create an intuitive effect that says, against those who want to steal or “borrow”, that the company has prepared and taken precautions against theft. This creates an effective preventive effect and will prevent many from going one step further.

In addition, companies have an important task ahead of them. It is important to introduce and adopt procedures with focus on making employees acknowledge and recognize, that they are supplied and are thereby responsible for the businesses’ belongings. We always advise about this, since we believe it can strengthen the ties between all parts of the company and drive the employees’ mindset onto a strong sense of community. Trust is everything and it is created together, across the entire organization.

3. What can Miladan offer that can help workplaces from theft and stealing?

We offer a flexible and easy solution for labeling and marking equipment. IdTAG is an excellent solution to visualize ownership of tools. All tools represent attractive and easily marketable goods on the black market. In addition, we advise about the procedures and processes, which are most suitable for your business, for creating an effective security marking.

A completely different and more morally exalted idea at Miladan, is to fight the bad work ethics and morales. It is great betrayal stealing from businesses or one’s own workplace, and even the most amazing and innovative workplaces can experience huge losses in breach of trust. It has implications for the handling of employees, and will have a negative effect on the freedom and camaraderie, as many companies highly value in their daily working environment.

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