Terms and conditions


We aim for a reliable and trustworthy cooperation with all of our customers at Miladan.


Please do respect and follow Miladan’s Terms of Sales and Delivery.





Sales and delivery terms for cooperation with Miladan



Miladan adheres to the standard terms for the sale and delivery of products and goods to corporate customers and private customers.

This following document of sales and delivery terms protects activities in relation to offers, sales and deliveries in Miladan.

Miladan is responsible for these sales and delivery terms, as one in the context of their business policy. The terms have an ethical message in conducting fair trade, since Miladan wants the best conditions for all their customers.

The starting point for these conditions is to create a common basis for all parties in any trade.


Application / Validity

2.1. The terms of sale and delivery apply to any / any offer, trade or delivery of Miladan products.

2.2. The sales and delivery terms are invalid if a written agreement has been made regarding changed or customized terms for the specific customer.

2.3. Disputes are handled in relation to Miladan’s sales and delivery terms.


The basis for agreement between sales and traders

3.1. Sales and delivery terms form the basis of the agreement between sales and merchant parties, together with Miladan’s offer and order confirmation.

3.2. Changes to the contractual basis must be made in writing in correspondence with Miladan. Otherwise, these changes are not applicable in terms of trade, sales and delivery with Miladan products.


Offer, Order Confirmation and Pricing

4.1. Tenders must be in writing unless otherwise agreed with Miladan and the offers are binding for 30 days if the offer is accepted 30 days from the date of the offer.

4.2. Disputes between order confirmations and buyer’s wishes / orders, this requires a complaint from the buyer within 3 business days of receipt of the order confirmation.


Materials for sale and price

5.1. Information and information regarding The product’s properties, which constitute Miladan’s sales material, contain no warranties for all purposes.

5.2. Miladan’s price list may change, and there are no guarantees for a particular price. Miladan reserves the right to price changes as a result of changes in the period between the offer date and the payment date.


Terms & Conditions

6.1. Miladan is responsible for the delivery of all sold products.

6.2. Specific delivery clauses must be agreed in accordance with Incoterms.


Delivery time and delay

7.1. Any delay in delivery that may be due to circumstances beyond the control of the company can be referred to the “Force Majeure” in Miladan’s sales and delivery operations.

7.2. If the delay is due to reasons beyond the “Force Majeure” item and may be imposed on the company’s area of ​​responsibility, the buyer may fix a final date of delivery. If the product / product has not been delivered within this deadline, the buyer may cancel the agreement.

7.3. If the buyer raises the call, according to section 7.2. The buyer may claim compensation for the agreement with Miladan.

7.4. Miladan is responsible for informing the buyer of the delay if the delay can be termed as expected or expected.


Return of goods

8.1. If the goods sent are to be returned to Miladan, this must be done through a written agreement with Miladan.

8.2. Miladan is not responsible for any errors in the order, if these errors are caused by an error order from the buyer.

8.3. Inadequate or incorrect packaging upon return which causes damage to the returned product is the sender responsible for the product.



9.1. The sold remains Miladan’s property until the seller receives the full payment for the product.

9.2. Miladan owns the property, products, drawings, designs, images, regardless of whether the buyer has paid full payment for the sale, unless otherwise agreed in writing.


Responsibility for missing

10.1. Miladan is not responsible for how the buyer uses the product sold

10.2. Miladan is not responsible for any financial consequences that may have occurred at the buyer as a result of a defect or defect in the product.

10.3. The buyer is required to inspect the product immediately after delivery, according to defects or defects in the product. Miladan has the right to reject any complaint regarding quality deficiencies that should have been identified during the quality survey or after the product has been used or sold further.

10.4. Complaints concerning Delivery shortages must always be made in writing. Complaints concerning Deficiencies must be made within 14 days of receipt of the goods.

10.5. By correct and timely complaint about defective delivery or poor product quality, which may be shown to be defects due to manufacturing, design, design or material, Miladan will undertake remediation or replacement of your choice.

10.6. The buyer has advertised and, therefore, the right to cancel the agreement with Miladan for defective delivery if the seller has not made any repairs or replacement within a reasonable period of time.

10.7. If the agreement is terminated by the buyer due to timely delivery, cf. items 10.3, 10.4, the buyer has the right to claim compensation from the seller for the additional costs incurred in the delivery and procurement of the products.

10.8. Regardless of what conditions, the seller’s claim for damages is always limited and may never exceed the purchase price.


Product liability

11.1. Damage or defects caused by defective products on persons, movable property, property, the seller shall be solely responsible for the buyer’s damage or loss if it feels of mandatory legal rules.

11.2. Miladan has no liability in relation to the purchaser’s use of products, as well as financial consequences, such as loss of profits or consequential damages.

11.3. If a third party were to keep Miladan Product Manager, the buyer must be indemnified for Miladan in accordance with the above.

11.4. If product liability is claimed by Miladan from a third party, the buyer shall promptly inform Miladan of this.


Force Majeure

12.1. Miladan is not responsible for, and is not liable if unforeseen events occur which cause delay due to Force Majeure.

12.2. Force Majeure covers events such as fire, war, strike, rebellion, lockout, blockade, import or export bans, currency restrictions, product shortages, theft, natural disasters or other similar unforeseen events.


Questions and answers

13.1. These sales and delivery terms are developed by Miladan.

13.2. The document has been internally approved by Henrik Thomsen, Managing Director.

13.3. All questions concerning Sales and delivery terms can be obtained from info@miladan.dk

13.4. Other information can be accessed via Miladan’s website www.miladan.dk