Sealing- and security of goods and values

We specialize in delivering sealing- and security solutions for business

Reliability, quality and flexibility are keywords when investing in Miladan products. The customer always comes first and we adapt to your business needs and requirements.

No task is too big, as Miladan is the market leader and operates with companies across virtually all industries.

There is always focus on the best service, and our staff takes all the challenges with professionalism and a smile.

Large selection for all industries

We offer the market’s largest and strongest range of security seals

Whatever industry your business is in, we offer flexible and functional solutions that cater to your business needs.

Our product range includes security seals in all formats: plastic seals, metal seals, wire seals, cable seals, container seals, meter seals and many more.

In addition, we also have products such as security bags, cable ties, theft- and security markings etc.