Wire seals



Wire seals

Miladan offers a range of Wire seals with or without pre-installed wire, as a strong alternative to Notox seals, lead seals and other seals that require the use of tools.

Wire seals are typically used where traditional plastic seals cannot be used. It may be due to the closure size, the need for an extra-long wire, sealing of multiple devices, greater tensile strength, etc.

Wire seals are suitable for the supply industry, as they are widely used to help companies prevent cheating and manipulation with gas-, water-, heat- and electricity meters. It has a strong preventive effect, which always solves the task with its tamper-proof characteristics.

The seals can be used in combination with Miladans wire, and we will gladly advise you on this option. 

Miladan has many years of experience working with the supply industry, and we are familiar with the problems in the industry. You are very welcome to contact us regarding your needs so we can design the right solution for your business.

See our range of Wire seals to choose the right solution for your needs.