Padlock seals


Padlock seals

Miladan offers a series of Padlock seals, which in design and use are comparable to traditional locks, however, our plastic locks are supplied without a key and the lock seal can of course only be used once, as is the case with all of our seals.

Padlock seals are a user-friendly seal solution that offers your company a flexible solution with many applications.

A padlock seal can advantageously be used on:

– tool boxes

– catering carts

– bar/restaurant carts

– barrels

– cabinets (tool cabinets, changing lockers, etc.)

–    … and much more

This type of seal can be supplied with a plastic or metal locking clasp.

A metal locking clasp provides a significantly higher tensile strength and helps increase the level of safety as the seal is designed to withstand a higher load as well as withstand impact.

Generally, it can be said that the tensile strength varies from a few kilograms to more than 30 kg, depending on the choice of material.

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