Padlock seals

Smart Padlock

Possibility of seq. no., logo and text

Print colours
White or black

Print Tech.
Laser or digital thermo printing

White, brown, yellow, blue etc.

Customisation of the seal
3,000 pcs. +

Comes in boxes of 3,000 pieces.

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    The seal is designed in such a way that the seal can be removed without the use of tools by turning the seal until it breaks.

    It is not possible to remove the seal without destroying it.

    This plastic padlock is fully molded in polypropylene (PP) which is a 100% recyclable plastic material.


    Versatile application

    A padlock seal can be used on:

    – tool boxes
    – catering trucks
    – sales trucks
    – bags and suitcases
    – first aid boxes
    – ATM cases
    – Barrels
    – cabinets (tool cabinets, changing cabinets, etc.)
    – … and many more


    Customised solution

    We offer Smart Padlock in a customised version.

    We have a graphic department that organizes your wishes and needs in a visual draft, so you can get a taste of the product’s design.

    It is possible to add your own text, logo, barcode and consecutive number.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

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