Meter seals


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    Meter seals

    Miladan provides a complete range of meter seals for water, heating, gas and electricity supplies.

    We are a professional supplier to the supply industry and provide efficient meter seals for companies throughout Europe who want to secure their meters against unauthorized use.

    Unauthorized use or another way to circumvent the measuring unit is a widespread problem throughout the supply industry and costs companies a lot of money. Miladan’s meter seals are preventive measures designed to identify any attempt to avoid the meter and thereby prevent loss.

    By the end of 2018, we introduced a brand new product for sealing union nuts and glands, which was developed on the basis of many years of experience in the industry and on our customers’ demand for a solution that can do exactly what this product can.

    SafeMeter is a super alternative to the current solutions on the market and offers a large number of advantages.

    The benefits of this solution include:

    – Significantly higher security – when attempting manipulation, the hinge will break

    – Easy one-hand handling

    – Full customisation, including sequential numbers

    – Good fit around the union

    – Available in following sizes: DN15, -20, -25, -32, -40 and -50

    – All-in-one system

    The common feature of all our meter seals is that they do not require the use of tools.

    We also offer solutions for sealing needle valves and ball valves with wing grips, which ensure that the valve is locked in the desired position.

    See our selection of meter seals in order to choose the right seal for your special need.