Meter seals


DN15 – ½”
DN20 – ¾”
DN25 – 1”
DN32 – 1 ¼”
DN40 – 1 ½”
DN50 – 2”

– 30C / + 90C

SAN copolymer

Sequential numbers, text and logo

Blue, red, yellow and transparent
Ask, if you require other colours

Marking method
Laser engraving

Marking colour

Customised version
1.000 pcs. +

Supplied in boxes of 10 pcs. in multipack boxes

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    SafeMeter (One-Click system) for an easy handling and optimal security

    SafeMeter (One-Click system) is the new black within sealing of water-, heat- and gas meter connection nuts. This is a true Miladan product!

    SafeMeter (One-Click system) is a super alternative to the current solutions on the market and has a large number of unprecedented benefits. The system is based on many years of experience within the industry and on customers demand for a solution that can do exactly what this product can do.

    The benefits of our SafeMeter solution are:

    – Higher security – the clamp breaks if attempts of manipulation are made  
    – Easy single-hand handling
    – Full customisation, including sequential numbers (security seal)
    – Good fit around the connection nut
    – All-in-one system

    SafeMeter ensures you optimal safety, a good profiling and a super easy handling. A complete all-in-one solution developed based on industry queries and directions.

    The seal is recommended for water supplies, gas supplies and heating companies that experience fraud and manipulation with their meters or attempts of the same.

    Fraud and manipulation with meters can have serious and very expensive consequences, why investing in an effective sealing solution is necessary. The SafeMeter sealing system provides you with a super good safety that helps against unauthorised access to the meters.

    By adding your own company name, logo etc. to the seal, the security of the seal is increased, which can prevent possible fraud and manipulation. It creates a unique seal that at the same time helps to brand the company.

    Miladan recommends that you seal the connection nut both before and after the meter, so that any attempt to access the meter is prevented.


    Setup and function

    SafeMeter is a new initiative within the field of security seals for meters, which does not require the use of tools.

    This security seal is made of a crisp- and UV resistant SAN copolymer clear plastic material, a patented system that breaks if any attempts of manipulation are made.

    The clamp is applied with a single click, which tells the fitter that the work is done. You will quickly discover a great time saving by using this seal as the smart single-hand handling ensures you a quick fitting. In addition to this, you can customise each side of the seal with your own company name, logo and sequential numbers – all security measures that contribute to an even higher security of the seal.

    This is the perfect solution for profiling your company and signalling that all kinds of preventive solutions have been used to avoid fraud.

    SafeMeter is available in the following sizes:
    DN15 – ½”
    DN20 – ¾”
    DN25 – 1”
    DN32 – 1 ¼”
    DN40 – 1 ½”
    DN50 – 2”


    Customised version

    We offer SafeMeter in a customised version.

    We can typically deliver customised SafeMeter clamps within just 2 weeks.

    We have a graphic department that organizes your wishes and needs in a visual draft so that you can get a preview of the product’s design.

    It is possible to customise SafeMeter with your own text, logo and sequential numbers.

    Miladan’s staff is always ready with advice and guidance, so that you are guaranteed the right solution for your particular sealing needs.

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