Bolt seals



Bolt seals

A bolt seal is the perfect solution when goods are transported in containers, trains, freight trucks, trailers etc., and there is a need for a security seal, which is also ISO 17712: 2013 certified.

There is a great demand for our bolt seals in the transport industry, where a high level of security is needed, when transporting valuable goods.

All our container seals are certified according to the ISO 17712: 2013. This means that they are suitable for purposes that comply with international standards. In addition, the seals are classified as “High Security Seal” and are C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) compatible too.

Miladan recommends that all companies introduce a handling procedure to ensure proper use of the company’s seals. Never leave this responsibility in the hands of external employees unless these have the firm’s full confidence and have been thoroughly introduced to the handling procedure.

All of our container seals are delivered in blister packs to ensure ease of use and manageable handling.

The peculiarity of the container seals is that they can only be removed by using appropriate tools.

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