Bolt seals

Powerbolt 99

Containers, trailers, freight wagons etc.

ISO 17712:2013 “H” certified
C-TPAT compatible

Length of bolt & cylinder
86 mm & 34 mm

Seal length (when locked)
91 mm

Diameter of the cylinder, bolt & bolt head
25 mm, 11 mm & 25 mm

Galvanized carbon steel wrapped with ABS

Tensile strength
15.96 kN (approx. 1.596 kg)

Yellow or white

Text, logo, barcode and sequential numbers

250 pcs. +

Packed in blister packs of 10 seals and supplied in boxes of 250 pcs.

The box weighs approx. 20 kg.

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    Powerbolt 99 – A certified bolt seal

    Powerbolt 99 is one of Miladan’s most powerful sealing solutions and is a popular choice when a bolt seal is needed.

    This bolt seal is similar to our Transitbolt – link to Transitbolt. The main difference between these two bolt seals is that Powerbolt 99 can be customised in smaller quantities due to a more flexible production method. In addition, there are some small differences in the dimensions of the seals.

    Powerbolt 99 is used for securing containers, freight wagons etc. This bolt seal has an anti-spin construction that prevents attempts of friction attacks.

    Powerbolt 99 is classified as High Security Seal “H” – and is certified ISO 17712:2013. This seal is also C-TPAT compatible, which makes the seal suitable for purposes that must comply with international laws and standards.



    The container seal is mounted without any use of tools. A light pressure is enough to lock the cylinder and bolt together, however on the contrary; it requires a bolt cutter or an angle grinder to remove the container seal.

    Powerbolt 99 is suitable for sealing ship containers, train- and freight wagons, trucks, trailers etc.

    This bolt seal is supplied in a blister pack of 10 seals and supplied in boxes of 250 pieces, where the bolt and cylinder is connected in a set. This increases the ease of use and facilitates handling during both storage and delivery.


    Customised solution

    We offer Powerbolt 99 in a customised version, which means that the seal is customised with optional text / logo.

    We have a graphic department that can help you prepare a draft so you can get a preview of the product’s design.

    It is possible to add your own text, logo, barcode and sequential number.

    If you want a faster delivery we have Transitbolt in stock – link to Transitbolt.

    All standard products at Miladan can be delivered within 24 hours.

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