Metal seals


Metal seals

Miladan offers metal seals, which are characterised by having a higher tensile strength than traditional plastic seals.

Metal sealing is particularly suitable for sealing trailers, freight and railway wagons, containers, etc.

Our metal seals are applied in tasks where a high tensile strength is required, due to increased risk of the seal being exposed to impact, bending and so on.

This helps in making metal seals a desirable solution in several industries that work with a high level of security. Metal seals provide optimum security and offer a tamper-proof sealing.

Our T-seal is approved by SKAT as a customs seal cf. article 357, 2, annex 46a in the implementing rules for the customs code, according to the Europe Commissions regulation (EEC) No 2454/93 of 2 July 1993, with later changes. This makes the metal seal suitable for tasks where the load protection must comply with certain laws and regulations.

Due to the high tensile strength of the seal, the seal must be removed with a diagonal cutter or a similar tool.

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