Metal seals

Ballon Seal

Total length
210 mm

Working length
196,5 mm

Strap width
9,5 mm

Tensile strength
600 N (60 kg)

Working temperature
– 40C / +200C

Steel strap

Marking / embossed
Text,logo and sequential numbering.

Custom version
3.000 pcs. +

Supplied in boxes of 1.000 pcs.

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    Ballon Seal – A strong metal seal

    The Ballon Seal is a strong and easy-to-handle metal seal.

    This metal seal is a highly sought after solution in industries where a high tensile strength is important.

    We collaborate with companies within transport, offshore, production etc. all of which rely on security solutions that offer a high level of security.

    Theft and manipulation of goods has become an even greater problem in recent years. As a result, stricter cargo security requirements have been introduced. The Ballon Seal and our other metal seals all have a high tensile strength, which helps companies secure their goods against unauthorized access.

    The Ballon Seal is suitable for sealing containers, trailers, refrigerated trailers etc. where a security seal with a high tensile strength is needed.


    Handling and material

    The Ballon Seal is made of a steel strap and with a breaking strength of approx. 600 N (60 kg) and a handling temperature of -40C / + 200C, the Ballon Seal is designed to handle extreme environments.

    To break the seal, it is necessary to use a diagonal cutter. The metal seal has a total length of 210 mm and a width of 9,5 mm. When used, its working length will be 196,5 mm.


    Standard or customized solution

    We offer Ballon Seal in both a customised and a standard version.

    Miladan has a graphic department that can help you organize your wishes and needs in a visual draft so you can get a preview of the products design.

    We can offer this seal in a standard version:

    Standard version
    Text: SEALED and sequential numbers
    Working length: 196,5 mm
    Quantity: 1.000 pcs. +

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