Plastic seals


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    Plastic seals

    Miladan offers a large selection of plastic seals with fixed or variable closing lengths.

    Plastic seals are used in all industries and can be customised with name / logo, sequential number, barcode, writing field and so forth. The seals are available in many colours, lengths, thicknesses and with different tensile strengths. The plastic seal is a popular choice when choosing a seal for a special task.

    The range varies from plastic seals with a low tensile strength to seals with a high tensile strength. The latter is suitable for slightly more demanding tasks.

    A fixed closing length is the ideal choice for sealing trailers, freight- and rail wagons, containers and similar units in motion.

    A variable closing length is ideal when there is a need to vary the seals closing length, or when there is a need to seal multiple closures simultaneously.

    Several of our plastic seals are in stock and can be sent from our warehouse within 24 hours.

    Approval: DS / EN 3-7, including requirements according to DS2320

    FORCE Technology has tested a new safety seal for Miladan (Fireseal, version 2 – item number 1P0400) during the month of January 2019 in accordance to the DS / EN 3-7 hand-held fire extinguishers rules, including requirements according to DS2320.

    This means that Miladan per this date is the only company that has had tested a seal according to this DS / EN standard, which is required in order to meet the requirements for sealing hand-held fire extinguishers.

    Biodegradable seals

    We invest a lot of time in developing new solutions that will help our customers secure their values ​​during transportation, storage or during use. Since 2019, we have been working in the development of the first biodegradable plastic seal, which is 100% environmentally friendly, functional, user-friendly and safe.

    Contact Miladan for assistance in order to choose the right seal for your sealing needs.