Security bags


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    Security bags

    We offer a complete range of safety bags for value management, shipments, sampling, storage etc.

    We specialize in the production of security bags for storage and transport of cash, valuables, documents, and similar tasks that require high security and where tamper security is crucial to the application.

    In our product range, you can find the right solution for your needs, which prevents unauthorized interventions during transport and / or storage.

    Our MilaSafe security bags are used across industries and businesses. In the catering and hotel industry, discos, holiday resorts and similar places, the sealing bags can for ex. be used to prevent internal losses among staff too.

    Our bags can also be needed when collecting evidence so that the collected material will not affected by external circumstances or exposed to unwanted manipulation.

    Miladan has many years of experience and expertise in value management and on how to implement security bags as part of an effective safeguarding strategy.

    It is possible to order both customised and standard versions of Miladan’s MilaSafe security bags.

    For customisation, the security bags can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Customised information as text and logo in multiple colours and customised specifications as bag sizes, inner and outer pockets, receipts and much more gives your company a unique sealing.

    By choosing a standard solution, you are guaranteed a quick delivery. We have several standard safety bags in stock that can be delivered from day to day.