Security bags



Transparent or black and white

Measurements (ex. dimensions) – Transparent
195 x 265 + 30 mm receipt
290 x 395 + 30 mm receipt

Measurements (ex. dimensions) – Black and white
195 x 265 + 30 mm receipt
290 x 395 + 30 mm receipt

Security Closure
HSC – High Security Closure

Seq. no / barcode

Minimum 1,000 pieces


Our MS-Security bags can be fully customised to your individual requirements and desires for the functionality of the bag.

The bag can be customised as needed with its own text / logo and in the desired size, and with a wide range of security features.

In the description further down the page you can read about the security parameters that we can integrate into your solution.

High-strength LDPE, HDPE or MDPE film

Material Colour
Transparent or colored

Film Thickness
From 45 to 120 µm

Multicolour high resolution


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    MS- Security bags for value management

    MilaSafe (MS-Security Bag) is a tamper-proof security bag for handling, transporting and storing money, valuables and documents. So whether you are a bank, a hotel, a store, a public institution, a security company, a courier or a hospital, MilaSafe has a solution that you can trust in your handling.

    Any attempt to open MilaSafe can be seen immediately. Unauthorized opening cannot be concealed thanks to a number of safety features incorporated into the bag.

    We offer a standard assortment of safety bags, but we also offer to customize the bag to your needs in the desired size, with exterior pockets for documentation, receipts for tearing, folded bottom and in exactly the thickness and quality you may need.

    Of course, you also have the opportunity to customize the bag with your own text and company logo. This ensures that you get the optimal design for your specific needs and at the same time you profile your company.


    Prevention against theft

    Too many companies are experiencing unfortunate episodes of internal fraud and theft.

    This is a serious problem that not only has financial consequences, but also to a large extent causes social consequences such as distrust among colleagues in the workplace. Many companies have not defined guidelines for such situations that can lead to serious misunderstandings.

    Milasafe is a sought-after solution in the hotel, restaurant, banking, and retail industries, where employees operate with values ​​on a daily basis.

    Our new MilaSafe safety bags are technologically advanced products where we can integrate a wide range of safety features that prevent unauthorized opening.

    Security features that we can integrate into your solution:

    –   security tape with mechanical, thermal and chemical protection
    –   security welds and microprints on the sides of the bag
    –   water-soluble ink is printed under the safety tape
    –   individual serial number and barcode
    –   receipt with serial number and barccode
    –   unique hidden characters

    In addition, the safety bag can be equipped with perforation, micro-printing, document pockets, paper labels on the outside and bubble film inside.


    Standard or customised version

    We offer MilaSafe safety bags in both a custom and standard version.

    We have a graphic department that organizes your wishes and needs in a visual draft, so you can get a taste of the product’s design.

    You can create your own unique security bags by adding your own logo, barcode, text, etc.

    The standard version can be ordered in transparent and in black and white:
    Objectives (exterior dimensions) – Transparent
    195 x 265 + 30 mm receipt
    290 x 395 + 30 mm receipt

    Dimensions (exterior dimensions) – Black and white
    195 x 265 + 30 mm receipt
    290 x 395 + 30 mm receipt

    As a rule, all standard products at Miladan can be delivered within 24 hours.

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