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Our MS-RFID security bags are designed according to your individual requirements and desires for the functionality of the bag.

The bag can be customised as needed with its own text / logo and in the desired size, and with a wide range of security features.

In the description further down the page you can read about the security parameters that we can integrate into your solution.

High-strength LDPE, HDPE or MDPE film

Material Colour
Transparent or colored

Film Thickness
From 45 to 120 µm

Multicolor high resolution

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    MS-RFID – Security bags with RFID

    Equipped with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip, this security bag is the ideal solution for handling cash and other valuable effects.

    MS-RFID is a tamper-proof security bag for handling, transporting and storing money, valuables and documents, etc. So whether you are a hotel, public institution, hospital or something else, MS-RFID has a solution that you can rely on in your handling process.

    Any attempt to open MS-RFID can be seen immediately. Unauthorized opening cannot be concealed thanks to a number of safety features incorporated into the bag.

    In addition to the tamper-evident security tape and various other security features, the RFDI chip means new possibilities for use.

    Compared to conventional barcodes, each bag can be provided with a variety of information that can be read and processed by a scanner while the bag is in motion.

    MS-RFID, a technologically advanced security bag for value management.


    RFID technology

    Radio Frequency Identification means that a chip is integrated with unique information to help identify the bag. The chip emits radio waves received by a scanner which is recorded and read in a database.

    Using our MS-RFID security bag in the supply chain means you increase efficiency and visibility, reduce errors, improve quality and increase security. In manufacturing, shipping and distribution environments, real-time data is important parameters and this is what you get when you use our MS-RFID security bags.

    However, RFID is one of the newer initiatives in sealing, but there is a great potential for the technology, as it greatly contributes to increasing the efficiency of companies.

    We recommend that you contact Miladan when ordering safety bags with RFID chip. The technology offers many opportunities, and we would like to advise you on how it can help create value for your business.


    Customised solution

    We offer this bag in a customised version, and below are some of the security features you can integrate into your solution:

    – security tape with mechanical, thermal and chemical protection
    – security welds and microprints on the sides of the bag
    – water-soluble ink is printed under the security tape
    – individual serial number and barcode
    – barcode that changes colour when exposed to UV light
    – receipt with serial number and barcode
    – unique hidden characters

    In addition, the safety bag can be equipped with perforation, micro-printing, document pockets, paper labels on the outside and bubble film inside.

    We have a graphic department that organizes your wishes and needs in a visual draft, so you can get a taste of the product’s design.

    You can create your own unique security bags by adding your own logo, barcode, text, etc.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

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