Security labels


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    Security labels

    We are a total supplier offering a wide range of products, such as tamper-evident safety labels, safety tapes etc.

    Our safety labels and tapes provide an excellent preventive and visual effect and provide an unambiguous sign of attempted manipulation or breakage. It is an effective preventive tool to prevent unauthorized access.

    When there is no possibility of using a traditional seal or where it is more appropriate, a label seal is an excellent alternative.

    We provide a large selection of security labels; labels with void effect, safety cutouts, and more special labels, such as the tamper proof UDL label, and so on. Our safety labels are suitable for sealing goods, guaranteeing sealing before and after repair, sealing of medicine, sealing of USB connectors, sealing of packages and pallets and many similar tasks.

    In addition, several of our products can be used in standard tape dispensers, such as our various package tapes, which come with built-in security features and can be custom-made with text / logo, perforations, sequential numbers, and so forth – as needed.

    Almost all of Miladan’s label seals can be ordered in a standard or customised version. A personalized label seal creates an effective and unique seal.

    At Miladan we try to be innovative and forward-looking, as a matter of fact we have been working on developing a biodegradable label seal in 2018, and we expect to be able to introduce the first environmentally correct solution in the spring of 2019.

    See our selection of label seals to select the right label seal for your needs or contact Miladan’s staff for advice and guidance.