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UDL – Ultra-Destructible


The UDL label is not offered in a standard version.

The Ultra Destructive label is adapted to your needs and desires.


Possibility of many sizes and shapes

Multi-colour printing available

Possibility of sequential numbering, logo, barcode and text

Minimum 1.000 pcs.

Waste foil is removed for easier handling

Get a free and non-binding offer

    Upload your logo and get a draft in return

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    UDL  – Ultra Destructive label seal

    UDL stands for “Ultra Destructive Label” and refers to a label type where the label cannot be removed in one piece.

    The Ultra Destructive label is particularly suitable when there is a need for a permanent label seal. The label is extensively used for fixture registration, warranty sealing of goods, sealing of screw holes and in connection with repairs and similar tasks where the label cannot be broken without clear evidence of breakage.

    This product gives clear visual signs when manipulation is attempted, as the label foil is made in such a way that it only can be removed in very small pieces which is both a long, difficult and time consuming process.

    UDL is a security label that can be used on most surfaces such as plastic, foil and metal and more.

    If you are unsure if UDL is suitable for the particular surface, please contact Miladan for advice and guidance.


    Customised solution

    The UDL label is always adapted to your wishes and needs.

    It is possible to get the desired form and add your own information. This applies for example to sizes, colours, print, sequential numbers, barcodes etc.

    The waste foil is removed for easier handling.

    We have a graphic department that organizes your wishes and needs in a visual draft so that you can get a preview of the product’s design.

    You are always welcome to contact Miladan for advice and guidance in choosing a solution.

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