Safe value management for banks and other money institutions


Security solutions for optimising the security in your bank

Miladan provides a large number of sealing solutions that help optimise the safety in the banking industry.

We are in close cooperation with banks, thrifts and co-operative banks, and have extensive experience in delivering handling-friendly quality solutions.

It is crucial for the banks that Miladan can deliver reliable products of the right quality that help prevent theft of the banks- and their customers’ values.

Our tamper-proof solutions do not only secure the values during the handling process, they also ensure the staff against suspicions of theft. Without a tamper-proof sealing solution, it can be difficult, almost impossible, to locate where the theft has occurred.

Miladan has extensive experience in implementing sealing solutions that provide the staff with a higher security.

We always prioritise the bank’s needs, and there is always the opportunity to customise a solution for your bank.


Bank - Plombering


Miladan makes sure, that values ​​have not been manipulated

For Miladan’s customers in this industry, it is very much about raising the security of the value management process and optimising the handling processes.

We always recommend that clear processes are established in the bank for these processes, and that a minimum of employees are involved in the value management.

Irresponsible and incompetent handling of values can have serious economic- and social consequences and can affect the confidence that the outside world has in the bank.  

It is our absolute core competence to help companies protect their values.


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