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Miladan is the supplier to most of the Danish utilities, and we are the market leader with innovative solutions for this industry.

Miladan offers solutions that cater to the companies’ desire to invest in environmentally friendly solutions, and we strive to prioritise innovation and to increase safety within sealing of measurement units in the industry.

The supply industry has a great responsibility to prevent unauthorised use or circumvention of measurement units. The problem is widespread throughout the supply industry and costs companies (citizens) a lot of money.

Security seals for measurement units from Miladan are a preventive measure designed to identify any attempt to circumvent the measurement unit and thereby prevent fraud.

The industry is often influenced by political regulations and changes that require innovation in relation to the products.

Our employees are adaptable to change, and can deliver innovative solutions for your company in line with the new requirements in the supply industry.

Miladan has extensive experience in supplying security seal solutions to utilities, and we therefore have a very good knowledge of the specifications and standards that are required to be a supplier of seals to the industry.


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Miladan offers efficient solutions for the supply industry

We are in continuous dialogue with our customers, and that is why we are an ideal partner for the utilities. We listen to our customers and develop our solutions based on the wishes and the trends in the market.

Our latest development is the SafeMeter sealing system.

By the end of 2018, we introduced a brand new product for sealing the meter connections, which is developed on the basis of many years of experience from the industry and on our customers’ demand for a solution that both enhances safety, fits all common standards and that can be customised with their own text etc.

Read more about our SafeMeter (One-Click system)

All of our security seals for measurement units contribute with a visual and preventive effect to prevent fraud and tampering with electricity-, gas-, water and heat meters in both the industry (within businesses) and within private dwellings.

One of our popular solutions is Clockseal. Clockseal is an adjustable nylon seal that offers an efficient and high-quality solution for securing meters.

With Clockseal you can get a unique and customised solution that can be laser engraved with your own text.

The crucial thing is that we work continuously to develop our range of seals so that we can guarantee the supply industry with effective sealing and security solutions.


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