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Security seals for the transportation industry

Miladan is a supplier of quality solutions for the transportation industry

The transport industry is one of Miladan’s core business areas.

We specialise in providing various quality sealing solutions for both national- and international companies.

Securing the goods is an important parameter. Huge quantities of goods are transported daily and efficient sealing of freight is an easy and affordable way to prevent theft, damage or manipulation of the goods.

A security seal is a preventive sealing solution that shows signs of breakage if the seal is broken.

The transport industry is characterised by regulations or legislative changes. In recent years, greater focus has been placed on securing products travel from production to consumer, and from one production to another. Among other things, there is an IFS standard (International Food Standard) that requires the goods are sealed during storage and transportation.

Consumers have become more demanding in step with an increased awareness of food safety. Environment and ecology play a greater role in the purchasing decision, as the consumers want to be assured that the products are produced in accordance with current legislation. This is where IFS- and similar standards come into the picture.

This entails an increased demand for control. It is necessary that, among other things, food can be ensured during the storage- and transportation.


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Selection of sealing solution

Miladan’s sealing solutions are largely characterised by reliability. The most important thing for us is to make sure, that you get a security seal that gives your business peace of mind.

We supply a large amount of sealing solutions for transportation companies throughout Europe. Our recommendation of seal depends entirely on your specific need.

Several of our cable- and bolt seals are designed to comply with international standards and ISO certification requirements – guaranteeing your business documented safety.

Transitbolt is one of our most popular solutions. Transitbolt is an ISO-certified “High Security Seal”, that is C-TPAT compatible. It is a very user-friendly container seal, which can be customised with your own company- name and logo for increased security. It is a unique combination of strength and ease of use.

It is our belief that the right sealing solution is selected through a good dialogue. All of our security seals contain unique qualities. With us by your side, we can ensure you that the right security seal with the right qualities will be chosen to solve your company’s challenges.


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